FIVE is the desire to create collections full of happiness and good mood.
A French design, an inspiration from the “California way of life” of the 70’s.

Denim, adopted successively by miners, cowboys, Hollywood celebrities, rebels, rock stars, and haute couture over the past two centuries is the brand’s DNA. Urban rock fashion mixed with military wardrobe codes, designed to live, share and appreciate every minute of your life. Aren’t you afraid to shake up conventions by following your instincts or whatever feels right and right?

The 5th take your chance!

β€œTake a designer, a handful of nostalgia, a touch of raw detail, mix them with exquisite piece goods and then release Lollys Laundry.”
(Vogue, United Kingdom)

Lollys Laundry is understated luxury that everyone can afford. The philosophy is to create a brand where the quality and price are woven together, resulting in strong collections that let you style your look up or down, depending on whether you are into classic romanticism or the tough rock chick look. Lollys Laundry is produced from the best fabrics, in materials that can be used again and again.

Louizon is a parisian ready-to-wear brand with a bohemian vibe, sold in multilabels shops around the globe.

Louizon is all about using qualitative and natural fabrics to create unique feminine and comfy styles with a boho twist.

Half of the collections is made of French/local materials. At Louizon we really want to focus more and more about picking nice, refined and sustainable fabrics, quality and details really matter in our DNA. Our prints are exclusive and uniques, designed in-house !

Garments definitely are a mix’n’match between an urban style and an ethnic/gypsy feel. We aim to create a line that is bohemian but yet perfectly wearable in the city!

Poppy Field the label is a collection for Women’s, Men’s and Accessories. A simple, Bohemian and elegant range inspired by the travels of the couple who created it. It is the fruit of a mix of cultures, the influence of a country and the emotion of its inhabitants.

Through their experiences, they have managed to create a brand which is chic, timeless and which, most of all, respects the environment and human rights. Indeed, they use noble materials such as silk, rayon, vegan leather (which does not undergo any chemical treatment, with tree bark oil being used instead), and batik, a traditional Indonesian fabric which is an integral part of the country’s culture.


Monica ten Cate studied Business & Economics at University before spending a year in Switzerland and a further year in The United States at the highly esteemed Whittier College in California.

Returning to the Netherlands, she went in search of business functions that appealed to her creative side and kept her in direct contact with the customer. Monica took up positions in Sales & Promotion and Brand/Account Management before discovering her passion for fashion.

In recent years Monica has worked predominantly in the fashion industry. In July 2011 she launched her very own agency β€˜MOON Company’. Inspired by the name given to her by her friends, Moon is short for Monica, it reflects her informal, friendly approach to business.

MOON Company

Monica has exciting brands in her portfolio. AMOUR, from India with LOVE!
It was during a stylistic immersion trip in India that Christian Filippini and Serge Ohana had the idea to create the AMOUR brand. A fabric, a motif, a landscape, from Jaipur to Pondicherry…inspiration is everywhere.

FIVE is the mix of unique know-how and a β€œhomemade” touch, the very concept of which is to deliver a message filled with happiness and love.

Danish fashion brand Lollys Laundry is an understated luxury that everyone can afford. The philosophy is to create a brand where the quality and price are woven together.

French brand Poppy Field the Label is an ethical Fashion brand, using noble materials and caring for the environment.

Louizon is another lovely French fashion brand, Louizon is all about using nice, qualitative and natural fabrics with a boho vibe. Louizon really wants to focus more and more about picking the right fabrics for the planet, and the best suppliers too, so they can walk slowly towards a more sustainable line.

Monica ten Cate
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Sales Executive
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