"Take a designer, a handful of nostalgia, a touch of raw detail, mix them with exquisite piece goods and then release Lollys Laundry." (Vogue, United Kingdom)
Lollys Laundry is understated luxury that everyone can afford. The philosophy is to create a brand where the quality and price are woven together, resulting in strong collections that let you style your look up or down, depending on whether you are into classic romanticism or the tough rock chick look. Lollys Laundry is produced from the best fabrics, in materials that can be used again and again.

Poppy Field the label is a collection for Women’s, Men’s and Accessories. A simple, Bohemian and elegant range inspired by the travels of the couple who created it. It is the fruit of a mix of cultures, the influence of a country and the emotion of its inhabitants. Through their experiences, they have managed to create a brand which is chic, timeless and which, most of all, respects the environment and human rights. Indeed, they use noble materials such as silk, rayon, vegan leather (which does not undergo any chemical treatment, with tree bark oil being used instead), and batik, a traditional Indonesian fabric which is an integral part of the country’s culture.

Unmade Copenhagen believes that accessories aren’t just something you add to your look. They believe it makes the look.
Quality and craftsmanship are reflected in everything they do. From scarves, shawls, leather bags and small goods to their complete footwear collection. Unmade creates original prints inspired by fashion and the world around us, with care.